What are the best Bitcoin Cloud Mining services?

With the ever-increasing difficulty of Bitcoin mining, and the advent of expensive ASIC’s (dedicated hardware for mining), the best option for most investors and hobbyists is cloud mining.  With cloud mining, companies such as CEX use their dedicated mining hardware to ensure that you can purchase mining power (giga-hashes, gH/s)  This mining power is significantly better than investing in your own hardware, especially specialized hardware like ASICS (which may have little to no resale value in the future)  .


Cloud mining is also referred to as “cloud hashing”  Cloud hashing is simply saying that you get your hardware hash rate from cloud-based hardware, not at all different than “cloud mining”  Either way, you’re harnessing the badass hardware of a professional mining company to churn out your future bitcoins, namecoins, etc.  Most of these providers use Advanced 28nm ASIC technology, which is guaranteed to make your mining efficient and painless.

So, what are the Best Bitcoin cloud mining websites?

  • CEX.IO is our personal favorite, and generally seen as the industry leader in cloud mining.  A little bit confusing when starting out, just due to the wealth of stats that they provide, but once you are accustomed to the interface, wow is it amazing.  Check them out for yourself at GET CEXperience
  • HashRack is also a large provider of cloud mining, but not nearly as in-depth and advanced as CEX.IO or Cloudhashing.com (below)  Let us know in the Comments below if you have had a good experience using HashRack, as we would love to here from you!
  • CloudHashing is another provider, with some great hardware and more in-depth interface than Hashrack.  They are the top competitor to CEX.io  A little to expensive for most of my mining friends and fellow hobbyists, but some incredible results.  They did an awesome job explaining bitcoin cloud mining in the youbtube video below!  Check it out!

Any questions or comments?