How to mine LiteCoins from scratch! Both cgminer and GUIminer version ( from1. First things first, DOWNLOAD and install the latest version of the LiteCoin wallet! Grab it from the official site AND ONLY! Link --> weminecryptos)

1. First things first, DOWNLOAD and install the latest version of the LiteCoin wallet! Grab it from the official site AND ONLY! Link -->
2. You will need some descent GPUs to mine LiteCoins. In theory, you could mine with CPUs as well(heck, you could even mine with your mobile phone) but its highly NOT recommended. The difficulty now is
SO HIGH and your hashrate will be SO LOW that you will end up burning electricity for nothing. While both AMD and NVIDIA cards can mine litecoins, we highly suggest AMD, since they mine faster. LOT
faster. Our two personal favourites are the GigaByte 7950 card and the HIS 7950 ones, but literally any model/brand will do the job. Got the cards? Great! Lets go to step 3!

3. VERY IMPORTANT!! Many people skip this 3rd step, and they end up having extremely bad results... So, here we go, with bold letters.
Download AMD Catalyst 13.1 Software Suite Vista/7 64-bit AMD AND AMD APP SDK v2.8
Link for AMD Catalyst 13.1 is here--->
 and for AMD APP SDK v2.8 is here-->http://developer.amd...-Windows-64.exe.
If for any reason the links go offlline, just google them and grab them from there. Install first the AMD Catalyst drivers, reboot, install the AMD SDK 2.8, reboot again. You are set.
On our way to step 4!

4. Drivers installed, well done! Now we must create an account on the pool we want to use. For this example, we will use our pool, Sit
down tight, this may take few minutes!

First of all, we visit the pools' page. You should see smth like this


Click Register. You will be redirected to a page that looks like this


After filling everything correctly,you should see a screen like this 


Login with the new credentials you just created, by filling your username/password upper left on the dashboard 


After logging in, go to account details 


There, you will need to request for an email code verification, in order to protect your account AND setup
your payout address(remember in Step1, we created our unique payment address!)! Put your PIN and ask for an email confirmation!


You should see this on the upper screen 


After asking for the confirmation, go to your email you used for your registration. You should have an email there from WeMineLTC. open it.



Perfect! Now we have the code! Lets go back to the Account Details page and lets put our payment address now


If done correctly, you should see this! 


Now, lets go create our first worker. Go to My Account--> My workers 


Set the password for your miner(doesnt have to be something difficult, 1234 will do just fine), leave the difficulty settings as is, and hit Update.



That will do you in case you have one pc. In case you have more than one, you can create multiple workers, one for each PC, or you could point them all to the same worker, wont make any real difference.
usually people set one miner account per PC because it makes monitoring easier! Lets move to the next step!

5. To actually mine LiteCoins, we need a mining software. At the moment, there are two that we could use. CGMiner and GUIminer. With simple words we could say GUIminer is cgminer with graphics, and
cgminer is abit more"advanced" than GUIminer. More experienced users prefer cgminer while less experienced ones go for the GUIminer. We will cover both, so you can make your own choice :) Before we
proceed though, go to Getting Started-->New user info and you should see this screen with the pools' current mining servers.



Make sure to check all the time this page, among with site news since more and more servers are been added!

For our example, we will use the first one, Stratum Server (World Wide): 
stratum+tcp:// (the server we used in the example when we 
created the Guide, is now FULL! So please always check the newest server additions and use those!)

GUIminer version: First of all, be aware that GUIminer was originally developed to mine BITCOINS, and not LITECOINS.
What we will actually work with to mine litecoins is called GUIminer Alpha. Thats the one you need!
The original GUIminer CANNOT mine litecoins!
Ok, since we got that clear, lets start!

At first, we need to download latest version.
You can find latest version here --> https://bitcointalk....?topic=150331.0
Download and extract somewhere(for example, your desktop). You will end up with something like this:


Locate guiminer.exe and run it. GUIminer will run, and will give you some fields to complete. In host, we put the server we chose WITHOUT HTTPS or tcp:// or port. So we will put

in Port we will put 3335, in username field we put our workers name(in our example, Tutorial.1) and the password we created for it( in our case, 1234). We make sure that the stratum box is ALWAYS on
YES and we can select from some pre-defined settings for our GPUs! In our case, our miner has 2x GigaByte 7950 cards, so we selected that one, and it fills all the other fields like thread
concurrency,worksize, vectors etc automatically.So we end up to something like this:


If you cannot see your card there listed, you can check the mining comparison wiki for litecoin and grab the settings for your cards here -->https://litecoin.inf...ware_comparison
Thats it! Hit Start, wait few seconds and you should see in awhile GUIminer counting shares.


Congratulations, you are mining litecoins!

CGMiner version : for the most experienced users, and the ones that want some more"flexibility" and stats, cgminer is the key! It may look abit more"complicated, but it really isnt that much when
someone explains you what on Earth it is, and how to use it! So lets start!

First of all, cgminer developer, for his own reasons, decided to STOP support for LiteCoin mining, so the latest versions DO NOT support LTC mining. Thus, we will stick to 3.5 version.
Go here --> and get 3.5 version


Save to desktop, and extract.
Navigate in the folder, right click and create a new text document.


In the first two lines, paste those commands:

And after that, this:
cgminer --scrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u Tutorial.1 -p 1234 --thread-concurrency 24000 --lookup-gap 0 --gpu-engine 1100 --gpu-memclock 1250 --gpu-powertune 20 -w 256 -I 19 -g 1
cgminer --scrypt -o stratum+tcp:// -u Tutorial.1 -p 1234 --thread-concurrency 24000 --lookup-gap 0 --gpu-engine 1100 --gpu-memclock 1250 --gpu-powertune 20 -w 256 -I 19 -g 1
After you write that, click Save As--> from the save as type select All Files and name it My Miner.bat Reason we name it with a .bat extension, is to make it executable and run cgminer with the
parameters we wrote. Actually what we did here, is we give cgminer the command to run, in scrypt mode(thats the one litecoin uses), to connect in the server we said we would
use(stratum+tcp:// , following by some parameters, like our username (-u), our miners password (-p), the thread concurrency of our cards, the look-gap command, where we
want the gpu engine to run, where its memory clock, if we want to use the powertune option and how much, the workload(w), the Intensity of the card(I) and the number of threads per gpu(g). Those are
the best settings that worked for us, for our GigaByte 7950s. You should find your own settings, again from the awesome guide over the litecoin hardware comparison wiki here --> https://litecoin.inf...ware_comparison !


Thats it! Double click the My Miner.bat and you are mining litecoins!


For any feedback/suggestions/help, remember we also have a dedicated forum at plus you can always get a hold of us in our chat here--> !