jrestaurant-pos-system features

Multiple modes

jResturant POS can be used under different modes of operations. The system has been proven to work in different environments

  • Restaurant & Fine dinning
  • Fast food and take away
  • Bars
  • Clubs
  • Pizzeria
  • Home deliveries
  • Outside catering & Banquets
  • Hotels
  • Retail outlets

User friendly and intuitive interface

The system was designed by restaurants owners and adapted to suite their daily needs. The order taking is so easy that no training of stuff is required.

Order taking is quick and optimized for busy hours.

Backend administration

Unlimited number of departments , categories and menu items

Items can be arranged in categories and sub-categories. This feature is very helpful for restaurants with a large number of menu items. The user does not have to press too many buttons to select the desired menu item.

The same order taking screen can be used for restaurants, bars, take away, home delivery, and retail.

Split bill

There is the option to split the bill when the client wants to pay separately. The system helps by highlighting the items which are already billed.

Wireless orders

If you have a wireless PDA you can take orders wirelessly. The system was also implemented on the new Mac IPOD touch device. From the PDA you open a website from where you can select the table number and add items to the table.

Table Layout Plan

There is the option to incorporate the table layout plan into the system. You can just design the restaurant plan and insert it into the system. Than you need to press on the table instead of entering the table numbers. This option is very helpful especially in large restaurants.

Loyalty / Guest Cards

You can set the system to accept loyalty or guest cards as a payment method. From the clients screen you can print out loyalty cards and add credit. When the customer comes he can decide to pay by his/her loyalty card. The bill amount is deducted from the card as long as there is enough credit.

Hotel Management

Hotel management functions are now incorporated into the system. You can have your room management system and your restaurant system integrated into one system. You can create a hotel reservation for a client, checkin/out clients directly from jRestaurant POS.

Pre-paid board can be also integrated into the restaurant system. Clients which are for example booked on a full-board basis can present their guest card in the restaurant. The system will automatically deduct from the bill total the food and show just the price for the drinks.

The client can also decide to pay the bill later and have the bill added to his room account. Before checking out the client, you can check if there are any outstanding restaurant bills which were not paid.

Banquets & Outside Catering features

In the latest version of jRestaurant we have introduced more functions related to banquets. Now we can create events such as weddings, birthday parties, business lunches,etc. You can combine a specific menu to an event. When creating the actual reservation the system will automatically calculate the total price based on the number of people and on which menu was chosen.

Table reservations

With jRestaurant you can take table reservation with a touch of a button. From within the order taking screen you can search for exiting clients, enter new clients and take their reservation details. In the reservation screen you can enter the number of people , the date and time of the reservation, or even choose the menu items which the clients wants to reserve.

Stock control

The system comes equipped with a stock control module. From the menu items screen you can enter the recipe for each single menu item. You can keep detailed track of what is missing in the kitchen and what needs to be ordered.

Kitchen Order Screen

Instead of sending table orders to the kitchen printer, you have the option to see the orders on a touch screen as they come in. The chef with a touch of a button can press on a table, see it's items and when ready mark the table as ready.

Punch Clock function

The system has an integrated punch clock function where you can your stuff punch in and out during their working hours.

Security & Access rights

You can decide to lock the system when it is unattended. You can decide to have each waiter use his/her own account to create new orders,etc.

Bar & Clubs

For bars and clubs the TAKE AWAY mode is used. The order taking screen is the same but it is optimized so to make order taking much quicker. For example there is no need to select a table number, you just select the item and the system creates a new order automatically.

Home Delivery

Under home delivery mode the system prompts the user to enter the client details and the address where the food is to be delivered.

Multiple Item Properties

The system is suitable for a pizzeria because it enables the waiter to select different properties (top-ups) when selecting the item. You can have properties associated with items and a property can have additional price which than added to the bill total.

Other functions

Other functions include

  • Tips management
  • Service charges
  • Exports to sage, excel and quickbooks
  • Data backups
  • The system can also be translated in different languages
  • Compatible with different pole displays, receipt printer and cash drawers
  • Menu items can be displayed in different colors and even pictures
  • Different discount schemes
  • etc,etc