Company:Bitcoin Kinetics

Bitcoin Kinetics is a technology company engineering devices to interact with cryptography based currencies.

Bitcoin Kinetics is to be a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, built on an open source, decentralized, peer to peer, save the world philosophy, dedicated to protecting, developing & innovating Bitcoin for the masses. The process of this revolutionary implementation of a business is new, developing & will take time over the next 12 months to develop. We are dedicated to converting Bitcoin Kinetics from its current state as a newly formed S-Corporation in the state of California within the United States; to a DAO over the Ethereum Blockchain. This process will allow the company to transition from a world of companies run by humans asked to follow rules, into a company run by smart contracts programmed by the consensus of the community.

​The goal is to create machines that accept crypto currency directly or indirectly using open source, easy to use & inexpensive Micro Controller Payment Technology. The payment systems we create, program & install take Bitcoins directly and activate any machine or device that would usually just take quarters, dollars or credit cards. ​


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