The 5 Best Free Apps To Get The Most Out Of Your Labor Day Weekend By Miles Kohrman

In this special edition of Free App Friday, we've put together a roundup of free iOS and Android apps to get the most out of your Labor day weekend. You're going to explore America's state park system, frolic with (and show off) your pets, laze on the couch watching the U.S. Open, and bond with your neighbors--it's going to be the ultimate holiday. As always, while they're free now, we can't guarantee how long they'll last.

State Parks Guide--Pocket Ranger (iOS and Android)

Do state parks ever feel a little overwhelming? The States Park Guide provides detailed (and GPS-enabled) maps that allow users see information about trails, record distance traveled, and easy-to-cache terrain maps (so if you lose service, you won't be stranded). The app also comes with a built-in compass to help with navigation and a "Friend Finder" feature so you can keep track of your loved ones as you explore.

The links above are for the New York States Park Guide, but go to this website to find your own state.

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TextaPet (iOS)

You love your pets. You're probably going to play with them a lot this weekend.

TextaPet allows you to share photos of your pets with your friends (who actually want to see them five times a day). If you're looking for a new best friend, the app highlights the profiles of local pet shelters and humane organizations, so you can see new pets as they arrive.

FitFix (iOS)

If you're too busy (or lazy?) to make it to the gym, FitFix is for you. The app provides video and photo tutorials, customizable fitness routines (ranging from yoga to strength training), and the ability to schedule workouts directly into your calendar.

Nextdoor (iOS and Android)

Nextdoor is a social network with your neighbors. If you can stand your neighbors, it's a pretty novel idea. Maybe your cat's gone missing, or you have a question about trash pickup. Instead of spying on your neighbor before initiating an awkward conversation, you can just make a post:

2013 U.S. Open Tennis Championships (iOS and Android)

If you're a sports fan, you're probably watching the U.S. Open this weekend. But what if you're taking a trip to the park or you'll be at the neighborhood barbecue? The U.S. Open app keeps you up to date with all the latest news, photos, and video from the tournament. In addition, some matches will stream live so you don't have to wait for the highlights reel.