Nicaragua Sugar Estates Limited uses Hovitaga OpenSQL Editor and Report Generator to reduce SAP IT costs

Hovitaga Kft. announced today that Nicaragua Sugar Estates Limited has implemented Hovitaga OpenSQL Editor and Hovitaga Report Generator to enhance its SAP development and maintenance processes. The aforementioned products help to cut IT costs by reducing ABAP development efforts through providing useful features related to SAP development, reporting, maintenance and testing.

The main benefit of these tools is reducing developer effort related to analysing, developing and troubleshooting OpenSQL queries. The OpenSQL Editor – an ABAP add-on that can be installed in a few minutes – is capable of executing any OpenSQL query and displaying the result immediately. ABAP programmers do not need to write new reports anymore to query the contents of a database table. There are many useful features in the OpenSQL Editor that makes it a much more convenient tool than the standard SAP tools like SE11, SE16 or the SAP Query.

Any SAP customer can benefit from using these SAP add-ons due to the fact that there is no other tool in the standard SAP environment that provides the same functionality.

Eventually custom code quality can be enhanced using this tool, since all database queries can be tested and optimized thoroughly before moving the code to the production system. Finding and fixing bugs is faster too, since database queries can be analysed directly in the tool without executing complex business transactions.

The implementation needed no onsite consulting at all to install the products, the SAP basis team of Nicaragua Sugar Estates Limited installed the product using a short deployment guide provided by Hovitaga.

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