Useful SAP Credit Management program

In my previous post , I already noted about basic setting for sap credit check , now list here some useful programs to work with credit management:

RVKRED08 – Checking sales documents which reach the credit horizon

You should runs this report periodically, usually at the start of a period. The report checks all the sales documents, which reach the dynamic credit check horizon. The period for the ‘date of the next credit check’ is proposed from the current date, with the help of the period split for open sales order values.

RFDKLI10 – Customers With Missing Credit Data

RFDKLI20 – Reset Credit Limit for Customers

RVKRED77 – Reorganize SD credit data

RVKRED06 – Background jobs for checking blocked credit management.

If an order is no longer outside the horizon as defined in the dynamic credit check, (i.e. it is INSIDE the horizon) it can cause existing “good” orders to block. If you run this job every night, if you have your horizon set for 1 month it can cause a lot of blocks at beginning of month. Try to use ‘W’ for weekly horizon status.

When updating errors occur, it enables you to reorganize the open credit, delivery and billing document values.

Note that all programs run with SE38 and make sure you have "ABAP" authorization to run these programs. Ask you system administrator for help.

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