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The electroniccigarettesfast.com affiliate program gives you the opportunity to drive and operate your own home based business by promoting our premium electronic cigarettes and accessories. Expect to earn 20% commission from all purchase referred by your website. With 40,000 new e cigarette users converting worldwide weekly, now’s the perfect time to tap into this exploding industry. Electronic cigarettes are the newest solution for traditional cigarette smokers trying to kick or subsidize their cigarette addiction. E cigarettes are a much safer alternative and are less than half the cost of traditional cigarettes.

Why choose Electroniccigarettesfast.com:

We believe premium electronic cigarettes do not have to come with over inflated prices, especially when the benefits from switching from traditional cigarettes can be a beneficial and significant change.Electroniccigarettesfast.com offers everything needed for beginning and experienced e cigarette users at low and affordable prices. At electroniccigarettesfast.com our customers never pay more for quality products. Our products are less than half the price for leading e cigarette brands.

How it works:

Electroniccigarettefast.com affiliate program provides you with all tools necessary to successfully market our product. When you register and successfully become an Electroniccigarettesfast.com affiliate you will be supplied with banners and textual links you can place within your personal website or blog. Each one of our links and banners has a tracking code so when a user on your site clicks a link, they will be brought to our website and will be tracked by our affiliate software. You will earn commission for all products sold under your personal affiliate tracking number. 

Becoming an electroniccigarettesfast.com affiliate is EASY and FREE to join.

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