Chuzzle Cucumber Cucumis Dipsaceus Seeds

Chuzzle Cucumber Cucumis Dipsaceus Seeds

Chuzzle Cucumber Cucumis Dipsaceus Seeds



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"Chuzzle" Cucumber Cucumis Dipsaceus

25+seeds of this very hard to find, ancient medicinal cucumber.

Spiky looking, but yet soft and flexible like "Velcro".

Looks like a yellow "Chuzzle" when fully ripe!

Great fun for the kiddies to grow and has a mild flavour when small and green. Good pickled or eaten fresh sliced thinly in sandwiches.

Very, bitter when big and bright yellow! Absolutely the most bitter thing in the world when they go bright yellow.

The difference between green and yellow in flavour is amazing, and there is no way you would ever eat a yellow one even if you were starving. That's the other reason they are a great plant to grow!

Great for stopping chewing or damage to your stuff by the critters!

100% safe for people, dogs, cats, horses, etc etc etc......... But, if you have a horse that won't stop chewing its dug, or a dog chewing its house or even if you can't stop chewing your nails.

Whatever it is, just apply some of the juice and that will stop it immediately! Just cut a bright yellow one in half and rub the cut surface on the affected area.

We use them for stopping the rabbits and bettongs ring-barking our seedling fruit trees in the dry times. What we do is, squeeze a heap just like oranges, strain the juice, and 2 cups of water for every cup of juice, and just paint it on with a paintbrush. You can freeze the left overs till next time you need it which is handy. Puts an immediate stop to all chewing by mammals, and even some insects!

Doesn't stain(not that I have noticed but always "patch test" it first), it's not poisonous (actually, its quite healthy, and has a long history of medicinal use) and even more importantly its CHEAP!

We get about 300 off a large vine,(every fruit in that picture was of ONE plant about 1.2m square, and that's not counting us picking and eating heaps of the nice small ones to munch on as they grew.

Used in Madagascar and Africa as a food and a Medicinal plant for thousands of years.

The ripe yellow fruit can be crushed and used as a "fish poison". It removes and/or binds up the O2 in the water and the fish float due to the Saponins and it totally works. Various "saponins" are also used commercially to treat many different diseases such as high cholesterol, heart disease, blood cancers and various forms of lung cancers.

And even more importantly, it looks really really cool!

Grown by us organically, no nasties, no chems, no problems!!!

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